Our robot overlords will be friendly - Geoff Harris - Medium

I was talking to a potential institutional investor last week and I think I terrified him a little bit. We were discussing the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence and the combination of those techniques with robotics. There is no question that automation has had a profound impact on jobs in America and across the world.

Element Data raises $3.5M to help companies make decisions with A.I. and machine learning

Element Data is on the path every startup hopes to walk. The company is adding high-level talent quickly; it's about to close a $3.5 million funding round; and it's rapidly outgrowing its office space. When young companies find themselves in that position, typically they weigh a wide-range of factors - emotional and logical - before deciding where and how they'll expand operations.

Seattle startup ReplyYes joins Disney Accelerator to grow retail chatbot service

ReplyYes has been accepted into the Disney Accelerator's 2017 class to continue building out its chat commerce platform that allows retailers to sell products to customers via text message. The accelerator accepts companies using technology to innovate in media and entertainment, making ReplyYes an ideal candidate.

Ad Lightning raises more cash to fuel growth of digital ad quality monitoring service

Programmatic advertising has helped digital marketers and advertisers with automation and scale. But it can also cause headaches for publishers and ruin user experiences. Ad Lightning wants to help, and investors are taking notice. The Seattle startup just reeled in another $1 million to help fuel growth of its software platform that monitors bad ads which slow down sites and disrupt engagement.

Beyond Caldbeck & #DecencyPledge - Heather Redman - Medium

There's been a lot of news and writing in the last few days about venture capitalist Justin Caldbeck's sexual harrassment of women founders and the call to action by Reid Hoffman and others in the VC community to treat women better.

The Valley is Coming! - Geoff Harris - Medium

I grew up in Boston. From an early age I heard the stories of Paul Revere's ride and his famous (if perhaps improperly attributed) cry of 'The British Are Coming'. In this moment in the PNW it feels appropriate to modify the cry somewhat and say 'The Valley is Coming'!

In the beginning there was Fish - Geoff Harris - Medium

This is the first blog post for Flying Fish Partners. Over the coming weeks and months we will post more about what we are doing and why we are doing it. We wanted to start with a short post to...

Flying Fish takes off to help fill Seattle-area venture-capital void

The new Seattle venture-capital firm - led by prominent startup investor Heather Redman, former Microsoft manager Geoff Harris and former Amazon vice president Frank Chang - will invest in local software companies. Share story Three Seattle angel investors have banded together to form a new venture-capital firm focused on investing in Pacific Northwest companies.

How the new Flying Fish venture fund aims to change the game for Seattle startups

Investor and technology executive Heather Redman has a bold plan for Flying Fish Partners, the new venture fund that she has launched with two other industry vets. "I often joke that the Flying Fish business plan is basically to sit on the steps of one or more Amazon buildings, trip people and hand them checks," she said.

Seattle angel investors launch 'Flying Fish' venture capital firm focused on early-stage startups

For the past few months, Flying Fish Venture Partners has been flying under the radar. The firm, founded by Seattle angel investors Heather Redman, Geoff Harris, and Frank Chang, is still keeping quiet and declined to comment when contacted by GeekWire. But here's what we know.